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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Steny Hoyer - Wrong

I read something that moved me to write this post, so here goes. Here's where the story is:

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) on Stephen Colbert's speech at White House Correspondents’ Association dinner: “I thought some of it was funny, but I think it got a little rough,” Hoyer said. “He is the president of the United States, and he deserves some respect.”

Deserves some respect? Why? Just because he's the president? It doesn't work that way. The citizens of this country, including Stephen Colbert (and you and me, BTW), deserve respect from him and he obviously doesn't respect us, so why should we respect him? It works both ways. You're wrong on this one, Steny.

Oh, and also, Stephen Colbert was terriffic. I want to thank him and give him a big hug.


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