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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Scott Stapp Whines

For those unfamilliar with Scott Stapp, he is the former lead singer of the popoular Christian rock group, Creed. From WTOP, which can be accessed here,

"Scott Stapp thinks a recently released sex video showing him and Kid Rock with several strippers is meant to sabotage him."
. . .

"The tape was not the only thing causing Stapp headaches. A day after his wedding, Stapp was arrested for investigation of being drunk at Los Angeles International Airport. He is set for arraignment on March 8.
"You don't want to say it's laughable, but it's just like, my God, there's so much stuff," he said. "Somebody does not like you and somebody wants you to fail.""

Maybe it's God. Maybe God wants you to fail. Maybe He's sick of "holier-than-thou" hypocrites making Him look bad. Maybe this is what those in the Bible business call "reaping what you sow".