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Monday, January 29, 2007

Movie Awards Season So Far

The Golden Globes and the SAG awards are over, and so far so good. Still have the Oscars to go. I'm so happy for Jennifer Hudson, she must be in heaven! I'd love to be at her party when she wins the Oscar - that'll be one for the ages! Nice to see Eddie Murphy getting some recognition. I've always liked him, especially in "Trading Places". I feel sorry for everyone who is in the Best Actor category who isn't Forest Whitaker - he's just terrific. And Helen Mirren playing the Queen in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death - who's going to vote against that? As far as Director, it's Martin Scorsese's year - Leonardo is right, he's really due for an Oscar. For Best Picture, I'd like the comedy "Little Miss Sunshine" to win, but it's up against some pretty tough competition.