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Friday, May 05, 2006

Patrick Kennedy - Drunk? No. Not at all.

UPDATE: I now have a link for an Ambien article in the New York Times:

The reasons I have for believing Patrick Kennedy's version of the recent events are as follows:

I have heard that Ambien can cause unusual side effects, the most publicized being the "night eating" that has been featured in the news. I can't think of any reason why "night eating" and "night voting" should be differentiated. To most people, eating is a natural everyday thing and voting is a once in a while thing. But to a member of congress, voting is a normal everyday thing as much as eating is. Therefore, the Ambien side-effect for Patrick Kennedy could EASILY be that he has to get to the Capitol to vote, not to the refrigerator to get a snack.

The other reason is that back when I did defense work, I had a case like this, well not exactly but similar. My client was arrested for DUI, the police "smelled the odor of alcohol emanating from his breath" (which they smell EVERY TIME they pull over a car), the client was given a breathalyzer, then a blood test, and then I think they actually tried to squeeze him like a tomato to try to get some, any, alcohol to use against him. Guess what? HE HAD NOT BEEN DRINKING!!! THERE WAS NO "ODOR OF ALCOHOL". The police lied in that and I'm sure countless other cases. My client had hypoglycemia. That's all. Hypoglycemia. And for that the police arrested him and tried to ruin his life, trying to get a DUI conviction. Luckily the prosecutor had some sense and when I got to the hearing and was able to show him the documentation he dismissed the case. BUT, let this be a lesson to EVERYONE, if you are pulled over, the police's view is that you have an odor of alcohol emanating from your breath unless you can show proof that you don't.

Therefore, I believe Patrick Kennedy's version of events.


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