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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Bloomberg Updates

England's young Mr. Hamilton is still leading, and I'm beginning to think we may have our first rookie F1 Champion since, well, I guess, the first F1 Championship (don't quote me on that)! As much as I love Fernando Alonzo, and believe me, I do, I'm really rooting for Lewis - he's so good! He's winning on tracks he's still learning! He may be the man to make F1 in America - he has so much more natural charisma than Michael Schumacher, and his family situation really adds to the "storyline", as Americans are so drawn to - he brother is, oh, what do they call it nowdays - "differently abled". Basically, he spends a lot of time in a wheelchair, and he's his brother's biggest fan - I'm pretty sure he and their Dad are at all the races. And Lewis is naturally handsome, too, which never hurts! Beautiful smile! Scuttlebutt is that he's advertising's next Tiger Woods, and I don't doubt it - especially if he wins the championship.

Mikey Bloomberg -well, at this point, the question is "will he or won't he" - it's now to that point (I said he might around 2 years ago). If he does get in as a third party candidate, I don't think he'll pull a Perot and drop out and then get back in at the last minute (Perot's dropping out lost it for him - he could have won and we could have been spared the Clinton years AND the Bush years). I think if Giuliani gets the Republican nomination, Bloomberg will run as an independent. Everyone who actually LIVES OR HAS LIVED in NYC prefers Bloomberg to Giuliani (unless they suffer from amnesia or got a cut of the action).


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