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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pro-Life Hero of the Week: Birthgiver Jana Lee Knoell Traynor

At least she didn't get an abortion. . .

From "The Facts.Com" of Brazoria County, Texas, in a story entitled "Mother of abused baby faces charges" written by Jen Sansbury, published May 20, 2006, about a little 10 week old baby:
. . .

"The baby, Kloey Alaine Traynor, died March 11 at Texas Children’s Hospital as a result of severe injuries, including fractured ribs and brain hemorrhaging. She initially had been taken to Brazosport Regional Health System on March 8 because she had bruises on her neck and chest and was having trouble opening her mouth."
. . .

"The infant had three fractured ribs as well as bruises on her body and hemorrhaging of the brain and eyes, according to an autopsy summary report from the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office.The report also reveals a lengthy list of injuries, including 19 old rib fractures,
mostly to Kloey’s back.“The ‘old’ fractures are calloused and are probably 4-6 weeks old,” the report states. “Fractures probably caused from someone squeezing the child due to location of fractures on child’s body. Great force required causing fractures, especially for this child because newborns’ ribs are very flexible, making it difficult to actually break. All noted ribs were completely broken.” The report shows the medical examiner also found bruising on Kloey’s chest and abdomen, the back of her head, her buttocks, elbows, an earlobe, under her jawline and along the left side of her body, plus hemorrhaging in deep tissue in muscles in her neck, back and chest."

“This child was in constant pain,” said Richwood Police Chief Glenn Patton.


  • At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know who she is. She's a murderer who did want an abortion...the child's father told me that while she was still pregnant. He is in prison, thank God, but she has yet to go herself. She's a homewrecker....lets just say she did me a favor.


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