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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bloomberg - Who Does He Hurt More?

Well, more and more it sounds like he might throw in as a third-party candidate. Iowa is over now with Barak Obama taking the win for the Dems, and Mike Huckabee for the Repubs. If Obama and Huckabee keep up the wins, who would Bloomberg hurt more? I would say Huckabee. Many Repubs are not too thrilled with Huckabee's values-driven pro-non-rich-folk candidacy but would never ever vote for a Dem. So they'll vote for Bloomberg. Obama doesn't have the same worries as Huckabee, not coming from the party of the "Ownership Society" to begin with, so he won't lose votes he never had anyway. If it does end up being a Obama-Huckabee-Bloomberg race, Obama wins easily.


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